What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help women and men restore their youthful vigor and enjoy sharper mental clarity while reaping additional health benefits. With hormone therapy, our patients first notice a deeper, more consistent sleep. As your body restores and adjusts, you will begin to enjoy increased energy, the ability to focus, hydrated skin, and stronger libido. Patients have seen significant reductions in hot flashes, night sweats, body fat, irritability, depression, and mood swings.

Whether you’re seeking relief from menopause, perimenopause, andropause, low estrogen, or low testosterone, hormone therapy can help. Best of all, hormone pellet therapy is physiologically released evenly throughout the day. That means no frequent injections, daily pills or creams, no “roller coaster” effect, and no missed doses.


How does bioidentical hormone replacement therapy work?

Hormone replacement therapy uses plant-based compounds that have the same chemical structure as the hormones that are naturally created in your body. They are delivered from small pellets placed beneath your skin, providing a constant hormone level for months at a time. These treatments are ideal for people of all ages who experience symptoms of hormone imbalance.

What can I expect during my appointment?

During your initial complimentary consultation, Dr. Iggy will review your medical history, current symptoms, and perform a brief physical examination. During this office visit, we will be able to discuss your individualized treatment plan and answer all of your questions.

Next, we will draw a blood sample to send to the lab for analysis. Once he has reviewed your lab results and determined that hormone replacement therapy is right for you, he will insert the hormone pellets in the fatty layer beneath the skin of your upper buttocks area. Insertion of the pellets is quick, simple, and performed under local anesthesia.

Afterward, the incision will be taped up, and you will be free to go home with only a brief period of limited activity. We will recheck your blood work about 1 month following treatment to see how your hormone dose is working for you.

What should I expect from the results?

After the pellets are inserted and have started to absorb into your system, you may notice that you have more energy, get better sleep, and feel happier overall. Concentration and memory may also improve, as will your overall physical and sexual health. You should feel the full effects of hormone replacement therapy within a few weeks. The pellets usually last for 3-4 months in women and about 6 months in men, after which time, a new round of pellets can be inserted.

Is this covered by my insurance?

Preventative medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement is a unique practice and is considered a form of alternative medicine. Even though the physicians and nurses are board certified as Medical Doctors and RNs or NPs, insurance does not recognize it as necessary medicine BUT is considered like plastic surgery (aesthetic medicine) and therefore is not covered by health insurance in most cases.

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